Wildlife Gardening


We offer a FREE consultation service throughout North Derbyshire and the Peak District.

We recognise the essential benefits wildlife brings to our clients and their garden ecosystems. Wildlife gardening is also proven to benefit people. Connecting with nature is known to improve mental health and general well being, as amazing wildlife brings a whole new dimension of enjoyment to your outdoor space.

We have the knowledge and experience to blend wildlife habitats seamlessly into your existing outdoor landscapes. We have designed and built many incredible wildlife gardens, which continue to thrive, providing clients of all ages with immense interest, joy and fun. It is also important to remember that established wildlife habitat also acts as natural pest control, precisely as nature intended. In practical terms, this means you will have fewer problems with pests and diseases within your garden.

The decline in wildlife species and numbers is mainly due to loss of natural habitat. As woodlands, hedgerows, fields and ponds are destroyed to make way for roads and building development. So, do something amazing for the environment by joining the growing number of clients who enjoy the benefits of wildlife gardening.

Contact us…for free expert advice, and we will soon have your garden buzzing with life.

Our pricing

Each wildlife garden is priced individually, as prices vary according to your specific requirements. Our FREE consultation service enables you to share you ideas and expectations and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

By employing experienced staff and investing in the latest professional-grade equipment, we work efficiently keeping prices low. Remember, avoid the rogues and hire an established local business, dedicated to professionalism and customer satisfaction.



Our services include:

• Wildlife gardens design and creation
• Wildlife ponds and water features
• Butterfly, bee and moth nectar borders
• Wildflower gardens and meadows
• Native fruit tree planting
• Native hedge, shrub and tree planting
• Wildlife-friendly paving
• Nest boxes and feeding stations for birds
• Bat boxes erected
• Insect housing & bug hotels
• Hedgehog habitat and housing
• Winter, habitat, shelter and feed


Your wildlife gardening options

Create your own wildlife habitat


• Work in your free time
• Potential to save money



• Garden machinery can be dangerous
• Maybe expensive if buying new tools
• May require help for strenuous work
• May need additional knowledge
• May damage plants, shrubs and trees
• Green waste will need removing

The odd job guys


• Low hourly rates



• Lack of knowledge and experience
• Rarely listen to customer instructions
• Provide incorrect planting
• Do poor quality work
• Rarely have insurance
• Many ask for cash payments only
• Often ask for cash upfront and never return
• Zero quality standards
• Green waste could be fly-tipped locally

Hire a professional business


• A local established business
• Professional appearance, reliable and punctual
• Staff highly qualified and experienced
• Addicted to wildlife gardening
• Professional-grade tools and equipment
• Fully insured
• Multiple payment methods
• We accept all major debit and credit cards



• You may insist other trades operate to Haykin standards