Lawn Care


Professional lawn care services across North Derbyshire and the Peak District

Our lawn care services guarantee clients lush, healthy, trouble-free lawns. We offer a FREE lawn inspection and advisory service. These visits enable prompt and accurate diagnosis, allowing us to recommend the most cost-effective solution. Our specialist treatments are always cheaper than using franchisees or buying products from a DIY store and doing the work yourself.

Many lawns we inspect only require simple, low-cost treatments. Once back to full health, we recommend regular lawn care, used by 69% of our clients, providing scheduled maintenance throughout the year. Prevention is always better than cure, and our services stop moss, common weeds, and diseases from establishing. These common problems are often caused by poor drainage, compacted soil, incorrect mowing methods, shade or dead grass.

On rare occasions, when treatments and regeneration are not practical or cost-effective, we may recommend a new lawn. At that time, we will discuss turf and seed options, which are often dependant on the landscape topography, location, area and budget. So don’t hope your lawn problems will go away, they won’t, call in the professionals and save time and money.

Consider our garden maintenance service and ensure your whole outdoor space remains healthy, grows in perfect harmony and stays looking immaculate throughout the year.

Our specialist lawn care services include:

• Scarification
• Aeration
• Over-seeding
• Organic feeding
• Fertilisation
• Top dressings
• Drainage
• Organic (licensed) treatments
• Soil testing
• Grass cutting
• New lawns

Is lawn care expensive?

Our prices are exceptionally competitive. Each lawn is priced individually, as prices vary according to lawn size, treatments and frequency. Our consultation service enables you to explain your requirements and obtain FREE advice and a no-obligation quotation.

We only use specialist (licensed) lawn care treatments, which are not available to the general public. All these products are environmentally friendly and safe around children and animals. We also remove and recycle 100% of your green waste.


A typical lawn care visit:

• Inspection of lawned areas
• Weed removal manual and chemical
• Grass cut using professional techniques and machinery
• Moss, thatch and dead grass mechanically removed
• Lawns aerated, removing soil cores, improving drainage
• New grass seed applied to match existing
• Top-dressing applied, improving drainage, soil conditions
• Seasonal organic fertilisation


Your lawn care options

Option 1 - Treat lawns yourself


• Use your own free time
• DIY products are available



• Many DIY treatments are ineffective
• Lawn care is time-consuming
• Requires professional knowledge
• Requires specialist equipment
• Lawns easily damaged
• Large amounts of green waste
• Green waste needs transporting and recycling

Option 2 - The lawn care guy


• Low hourly rates
• Usually able to start work at short notice
• Will attempt all home maintenance tasks



• Use DIY treatments and equipment
• Rarely listen to the customer
• No PA1/PA6 certification for weed control
• No insurance
• Often ask for cash only payments
• Often request money upfront
• Some bring pets to work
• Green waste could be fly-tipped locally

Option 3 - Employ a professional business


• Professional, highly qualified and experienced staff
• Always well presented, friendly, reliable and punctual
• All staff fully insured when working on client premises
• Staff fully quality control compliant
• Only use professional licensed treatments
• Multiple payment methods
• We accept all major credit/debit cards
• 10 point completion checklist
• Whenever possible, we only use organic treatments



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