Creating perfect outdoor spaces

We specialise in hard and soft landscaping. Our significant experience and resources enable us to offer comprehensive design and build packages at affordable prices. We have completed countless landscaping projects throughout North Derbyshire and the Peak District, as our clients are now placing much more emphasis on outdoor living areas. We transform tired gardens into stunning unique outdoor spaces for individuals and families to enjoy.

So, if you are considering alterations to your garden, whether a complete transformation or simply adding a new feature, we can create something perfect for you. Our FREE consultations enable you to share your ideas and expectations. We can then prepare and submit detailed design proposals and costs. We guarantee a seamless process, ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards. Our dedication to professionalism, client satisfaction, and building long term relationships, has resulted in 86% of new clients now coming from recommendations.

We only use top quality products and materials from market-leading manufacturers and procure all plants, shrubs and trees from leading wholesale nurseries. Furthermore, we are committed to ethical and environmental standards and focus on minimising our impact.

Consider our garden maintenance services to ensure your new outdoor space stays healthy and looks immaculate throughout the year.


Our landscaping and design services include:

Soft Landscaping Services

• Shrubs, perennials and herbaceous planting
• Turfing and grass seeding
• Tree supply and planting
• Hedgerow plants and planting
• Native planting screens / green walls
• Wildflower meadows
• Wildlife gardening
• Range of topsoils and planting mediums
• Mulching, bark chip and top dressings

Hard Landscaping Services

• Fencing
• Entrance gates and doors
• Decking and building structures
• Raised beds
• Stone paving and patios
• Dry stone walling
• Driveways, paths and paving
• Pond installations / water features
• Irrigation systems

Landscaping services – our pricing

Being a multi-faceted company we create business efficiencies, enabling us to be extremely competitive on price. However, we never compromise on our working standards or quality of materials. All landscaping design and build projects are different and therefore priced individually. Our FREE consultation service is a quick and easy way to for clients to share their ideas and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

Before using Haykin, many clients had encountered, inexperienced, opportunistic individuals, who overcharged for exceptionally poor quality work. So, always use an established local business, dedicated to professionalism, client satisfaction, and building long term relationships.


Your landscaping options

Option 1 - Do the work yourself


• Could save money on labour costs
• Self satisfaction, if it all goes to plan



• Less free time with family and friends
• Will need special tools and equipment
• Experience, knowledge essential
• Mistakes can be very expensive
• More expensive than calling in professionals

Option 2 - The odd job landscape guy


• Low hourly rates, may save you money short term
• Will continue working in any weather



• Little respect for clients or property
• Don’t listen to customer instructions
• Rarely have insurance
• Inadequate experience can lead to damage
• Rarely have any qualifications
• Often use cheap materials
• Often ask for payment in cash
• May ask for the full payment upfront
• Some bring pets to work
• Talk endlessly on mobile phones
• Hire in machinery as needed
• Green waste and rubble may be fly tipped

Option 3 - Use the professionals


• Established local business
• Guaranteed professionalism
• Fully qualified, vast experience
• Always friendly, reliable and punctual
• All work guaranteed
• Fully insured
• Multiple payment methods
• Accept all major debit and credit cards
• Always cheaper than the odd-job landscapers



• You may feel compelled to share your great experience