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Hedge Trimming


Professional hedge trimming and maintenance at affordable prices  

We are an established local business with vast experience trimming shaping and maintaining hedges, throughout North Derbyshire and the Peak District. We serve both private residential and commercial clients, who know neat hedges transform the appearance of properties. Our FREE consultation service enables you to discuss your requirements and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

We work to recognised horticultural standards, use professional, high-powered equipment, guaranteeing an immaculate precision finish. Our specialist capabilities enable us to cut and shape hedges regardless of size, condition, variety or location. On larger projects, we utilise staff and machinery from our tree surgery services division, completing hedge cutting projects efficiently and cost-effectively, saving clients money.

Regular hedge trimming and maintenance boosts plant health by stimulating new growth. It also avoids the potential for conflict with neighbours, local authorities and highways agencies. We always remove and recycle 100% of your green waste and whenever possible, we use the latest battery-powered cutting equipment. We respect our working environments and act responsibly to minimise our impact.

Clients also use our tree surgery services, for problem trees and ongoing tree maintenance.

Hedge services we offer;

• Hedge Trimming
• Hedge Reduction
• Hedge Maintenance
• Hedge Removal
• Stump Grinding
• Hedge Planting
• Contract Hedge Maintenance

Our pricing

Hedge trimming and maintenance is not expensive. We combine experienced staff and professional equipment which creates working efficiencies. We return these saving to clients in our low hourly rates and competitive pricing. Our seasonal and one-off hedge trimming services are priced individually, cost dependant on hedging size, location and individual requirements. Use our FREE consultation service to discuss your needs and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

Remember we are an established local business, dedicated to professionalism, client satisfaction and guarantee all our work.


A typical hedge trimming visit

• Understand customer requirements
• Hedge inspection, removing litter and debris
• Checks for vulnerable wildlife
• Mark final hedge height, width and shape
• Hedges trimmed using professional equipment
• Cuttings removed from hedge
• Surrounding surfaces swept and cleaned
• All green waste bagged and removed
• Fertiliser applied to the ground (if applicable)
• We ensure clients are delighted


Cut the hedge yourself or hire someone? The options…

Option 1 - Trim the hedge yourself


• You can work in your free time
• Family and friends may help



• Hedge cutting can be dangerous
• Hedge cutting machinery is extremely dangerous
• Hedge trimming requires significant experience
• Specialist tools and equipment needed
• Knowledge of health and safety regulations
• Avoid cutting near roads, pavements or pathways
• Incorrect cutting may cause permanent damage
• Green waste needs disposing at the recycling centre.
• Cheaper to employ professional than buy tools

Option 2 - The odd-job guy


• Low hourly rates, could save you money short term
• May start immediately due to lack of work
• Will offer to do most property maintenance jobs



• Not an established company
• No horticultural qualifications or experience
• Rarely have insurance
• Often make a mess of your hedge
• Many ask for cash only payments
• Regularly ask for payment upfront
• Low prices usually mean shoddy work
• Often ignore safety and disregard client property
• Your green waste may end up fly-tipped locally
• Use cheap poorly maintained equipment

Option 3 - Hire a local professional business


• Established reputable local business
• Always professional, reliable and punctual
• Always respect clients and their property
• All staff are highly qualified and experienced
• Dedicated to customer satisfaction
• All work guaranteed
• Fully insured
• Strict hedge trimming policies and procedures
• Use the latest high-powered machinery
• Multiple methods of payment
• Accept all major debit and credit cards.



• Sharing your fantastic experience with family and friends