Grass Cutting


Beautifully presented lawns enhance your garden and property

Everyone wants a great looking lawn, but we understand it’s not always easy. Many people don’t have have the correct tools, energy levels or sufficient free time. That’s why we provide a professional and efficient grass cutting service at exceptionally affordable prices.

We work with meticulous precision when cutting and edging lawns on private residential gardens and large commercial grounds and only use professional-grade machinery. We offer mulch mowing and grass collection from a range of cylinder and rotary machines. Our new range of battery-powered mowers and strimmers produce zero emissions, provide significant noise reduction, helping to minimise our environmental impact.

Regular grass cutting appointments range from weekly to monthly visits, dependant on individual requirements and growing season. We also offer one-off grass cutting for when clients need beautiful looking lawns at short notice. Remember we guarantee all our work and always remove and recycle 100% of your green waste.

The majority of clients also use our lawn care service, which guarantees immaculate lush green and weed-free lawns throughout the year.

Our pricing

By employing experienced staff and investing in the latest equipment, we work efficiently and keep prices low. Each grass cutting service is priced individually, with prices dependant on the area of grass and the type of machinery required.

Our consultation service enables clients to discuss their requirements and obtain a free no-obligation quotation. Remember, by using Haykin; you are employing an established local business, dedicated to professionalism, customer satisfaction with all work guaranteed.


A typical grass cutting visit:

• Lawn inspection
• Rake lawn removing debris
• Strim grass in hard to mow areas
• Choose mulching or grass collection
• Alternate mowing patterns
• Cut grass to perfection
• All lawns edged by hand
• Areas cleared of grass clipping and debris
• All green waste bagged, removed and recycled
• Record and monitor lawn conditions

Your grass cutting options

Option 1 - Cut grass yourself


• Cut grass in your own free time
• Potential to save money



• Lost time with family and friends
• Equipment is expensive to buy
• Equipment will need maintaining and replacing
• Gardening machinery can be dangerous
• Equipment needs secure outdoor storage
• Lawns easily damaged without knowledge
• Green waste needs transporting to a recycling centre

Option 2 - The grass cutting rogues


• Low hourly rates, may save money short-term
• They will attempt all home maintenance work



• Use cheap, poorly maintained machinery
• Rarely have insurance
• Many ask for cash payments only
• Often ask for cash upfront and never return
• Talk endlessly on mobile phones
• Zero quality standards
• Rarely listen to customer instructions
• Green waste could be fly-tipped locally
• Some even bring pets to work

Option 3 - Hire a professional business


• Established local business
• Dedicated to customer satisfaction
• Professional appearance, reliable and punctual
• Extensive knowledge and experience
• All work guaranteed
• Dedicated to client satisfaction
• Staff highly qualified and experienced
• Professional-grade tools and equipment
• Fully insured
• Monthly billing
• We accept all major debit and credit cards
• Always cheaper than the grass cutting rogues



• You may insist other trades operate to Haykin standards.