Garden Maintenance


Keeping gardens beautiful throughout North Derbyshire and the Peak District

Our Garden maintenance services enable you to relax and enjoy your gardens without having to worry about time constraints and all the hard work. We offer a reliable and professional service which keeps your gardens and outdoor spaces looking immaculate whatever the season. Without regular care fast-growing weeds, lawns and shrubs soon take over, leaving your property looking untidy.

Over 79% of our clients use regular garden maintenance, with visits ranging from weekly to monthly appointments. Regular visits enable us to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. This saves you time and money while ensuring your gardens stay healthy and beautifully presented all year round. We also offer a one-off service for when you need gardens and outdoor spaces looking fabulous at short notice.

We have over 75 years of combined horticultural knowledge and experience and routinely work on both small and large gardens, including estate grounds of several acres. The majority of our garden maintenance services are with private residential clients and tenants. However, we also have long-term contracts with commercial landlords and private businesses.

Consider our landscaping services when making important alterations to your outdoor space. Maybe new fencing for security and privacy, a new patio for entertaining or garden pond to attract wildlife.

Garden Maintenance is not expensive

Each garden maintenance service is different, dependant on garden size and specific requirements. Therefore all gardens are priced individually. Our FREE consultation service enables you to share your ideas and expectations and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

Before using Haykin, many clients had encountered, inexperienced, opportunistic individuals, who overcharged for exceptionally shoddy work. So, please don’t make the same mistake. Employ an established local business, dedicated to professionalism and client satisfaction.



Our Typical Garden Maintenance Visit

• Walk inspection of all areas
• Hedges trimmed to height and width
• Pruning of shrubs and small trees
• All open soil areas hand-weeded
• Controlling weeds and moss on hard surfaces
• Spraying of organic herbicide
• Mowing & edging of grass
• Feeding of plants
• Collection of all cuttings
• Sweeping and cleaning of surrounding areas
• Removal of all green waste
• Final inspection


Your garden maintenance options?

Option 1 - Do the work yourself


• Do the work in your own free time
• Potential to save money



• Less time with family and friends
• Less time enjoying your garden
• Garden machinery can be dangerous
• Equipment needs maintaining and replacing
• Horticultural knowledge is paramount
• Lawns, plants and shrubs are easily damaged
• Green waste needs transporting to a recycling centre

Option 2 - The odd job gardener


• Typically offer to undercut all competition
• Often seen working during heavy rain
• Will attempt most home maintenance work



• No horticultural qualifications
• Rarely have insurance
• Use cheap, poorly maintained machinery
• Rarely listen to customer instructions
• Many ask for cash payments only
• Often ask for cash upfront
• Some bring pets to work
• Talking endlessly on mobile phones
• Often overcommit and fail to complete work
• Risk of green waste being fly-tipped locally

Option 3 - Use a professional company


• Established local business
• Dedicated to customer satisfaction
• Professional appearance, reliable and punctual
• Extensive knowledge and experience
• All work guaranteed
• Fully insured
• Use the latest professional machinery
• Work efficiently
• Multiple payment methods
• Monthly billing
• Accept all major debit and credit cards
• 12-point completion checklist
• Always cheaper than odd-job gardeners


• You may insist others trades operate to Haykin standards.