Garden Clearance


Transforming gardens throughout North Derbyshire and the Peak District. 

Our garden clearance service offers exceptional value for money. We work efficiently by combining our extensive horticultural experience, with professional-grade equipment, quickly clearing residential gardens and commercial green spaces. Our services cover everything from overgrown lawns to dense garden jungles. So, if your garden is looking neglected, contact us for a FREE no-obligation quotation.

Even small gardens can be time-consuming to maintain and can soon become overgrown. Our garden clearance services will quickly transform your outdoor space. You will enjoy freshly cut lawns, well-presented borders, neatly trimmed hedges and correctly pruned shrubs and trees. Your garden will suddenly feel spacious, look attractive and become a usable space. A perfect place for families to play, for entertaining, or maybe relaxing with a good book or admiring plants and wildlife.

Beautifully presented gardens enhance the appearance of properties, adding both value and curb appeal. They are also proven to improve general health, aid recovery from stress, and increase life satisfaction. So now is the time to go ahead with a garden clearance project, and start enjoying life.

Once your garden clearance is complete, consider using our garden maintenance service, ensuring your green spaces stay healthy and looks amazing throughout the year.

The cost of garden clearance

Each garden clearance is different and therefore priced individually. Our FREE consultation service enables clients to share their ideas and expectations and obtain a no-obligation quotation.

Before using us, many clients had encountered, inexperienced, opportunistic individuals, who overcharged for poor quality work. So, we always encourage potential clients to employ an established local business, dedicated to professionalism and client satisfaction.


Your garden clearance options

Option 1 - Clear the garden yourself


• Work in your own free time
• You may learn new skills
• You may save money



• Garden machinery can be dangerous
• Maybe expensive if buying new tools
• May require help for strenuous work
• May need additional knowledge
• May damage plants, shrubs and trees
• Green waste will need removing

Option 2 - The odd job gardener


• Will attempt most home maintenance tasks
• Will be able to start work immediately



• Not an established local company
• Often unqualified
• Little or no horticultural knowledge
• Don’t listen to client instructions
• Rarely have insurance
• Often ask for cash only payment
• Regularly ask for money upfront
• No proven quality standards
• Use poor quality machinery
• Risk of green waste being fly-tipped locally

Option 3 - Use a professional company


• Established local business
• Dedicated to customer satisfaction
• Professional appearance, reliable and punctual
• All work guaranteed
• Fully insured
• Use the latest professional machinery
• Always cheaper than odd-job gardeners
• Multiple payment methods
• Accept all major debit and credit cards
• 12-point completion checklist



• Insisting that other trades operate to Haykin standards